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Fairfax Presbyterian Preschool's

Date and Time

This year's Next Consignment Sale will be Date TBD in the Fellowship Hall of Fairfax Presbyterian Church. The main sale will occur from 9:00 am–noon, there will be a lunch break from 12:00–1:30 pm, and then the sale will re-open with a discount period from 1:30–3:00 pm.

Consignment Rules and Guidelines

  1. Shopping Rules: We accept cash and credit (no personal checks). A fee will apply for credit purchases (FPP passes on the fees incurred by using the vendor/service). Bring a bag to haul your finds! Please inspect items prior to purchase. All items are sold as-is, and all sales are final. Due to space limitations, shoppers may not bring strollers into the consignment saleroom. We also strongly discourage parents from bringing young children to the sale.

  2. Registration Fee for Sellers: A registration fee of $5.00 for current and former FPP families and/or current FPC members, and $10.00 for unaffiliated sellers to cover administration and advertising costs is required at check-in. Cash only. Consignors must pay the fee when they drop off items for the sale.

  3. Consignor/Seller Proceeds: Sellers will make 70% of the proceeds from their items that sell, and Fairfax Presbyterian Preschool will make 30%.

  4. Electronic System: Sellers must register all items for sale online using My Consignment Manager, an electronic inventory system. Details regarding the system are explained below.

  5. Pricing Guidelines and Tags: Sellers set their own prices for all items, starting at a minimum price of $1 and using increments of $0.50. Sellers also indicate whether items are to be discounted 50% on Sunday. Please keep in mind that items priced too high won’t sell. Price tags must be printed from the My Consignment Manager system on white or very light colored cardstock. Tags should be securely attached to each item with safety pins or tape.

  6. Allowable Items: This is a children’s fall/winter sale, so please NO swimsuits, shorts/tank tops, flip flops, pool/beach gear, etc. The sale is limited to children, maternity, and nursing items. This includes clothing, accessories, toys, and children’s furniture. While a kid’s bike is okay, a coffee table is not. Items must be in good condition—not stained, ripped, or heavily worn. Toys must have all parts and working batteries. No car seats. Booster seats are okay. Fairfax Presbyterian Preschool reserves the right to refuse any item it deems inappropriate or not meeting the quality standards of its consignment sale. Items will not be accepted if they are not in good condition.

  7. No Recalled Items: It is the consignor’s responsibility to ensure that all items submitted to our sale comply with applicable law and that no items are the subject of any prior, pending, or threatened recall notice or other consumer protection enforcement action as listed on the Consumer Protection Agency’s website.

  8. Payments: Proceed checks will be mailed to consignors within 15 business days from the date of the sale. Checks not cashed within 90 days from the date of issuance will be void and the proceeds will be donated to the preschool. Checks under $5.00 will not be issued, and the proceeds will instead be donated to the preschool.

  9. Unsold Items: Items that do not sell on Saturday will be discounted 50% on Sunday if you have chosen to discount. If you have chosen not to discount, your item will still be for sale at the full price. Items not sold at the Sunday sale must be picked up immediately following (beginning at noon). Any items not sold and not picked up by the seller by 2:00pm will become the preschool property and will be donated/used at the school’s discretion. If you do not want an item donated, you must pick up the item on Sunday at the designated time

Instructions for Consignors

  1. Register as a seller in our online system by February 10th. Click here to begin the registration process.

  2. Gather and prepare your items for sale. Wash, iron, repair buttons, replace batteries, gather loose pieces of toys and secure them, and do whatever is necessary to ensure that your items are in excellent condition. Items will be returned that do not meet our guidelines. Hang all clothing on hangers. Hangers should look like a question mark when you are looking at the front of the garment. If you have multiple clothing items per tag, please place each item on a hanger then attach the hangers together using a rubber band, safety pin or tape. All items attached together must be the same size. For example, do not combine a 3 month & 6 month outfit.

  3. Organize and sort the items you are selling by category. Best as you can, organize your items by GENDER and SIZE before you start. Please try to keep your clothing in order as this will also assist you when tagging and checking in for the sale.

  4. Use our electronic inventory system, My Consignment Manager, to input your items and set prices. The minimum price for any item is $1, with price increments of $0.50. To reach the $1 minimum, sellers should group smaller, less expensive items together to sell as one unit. We want our sellers to make money, so please be realistic in setting your prices. Items priced too high won’t sell. Historically at our sales, books and generic infant clothes (onesies/coveralls etc.) have not sold well.

  5. Print tags from My Consignment Manager on white (or very light) cardstock paper—regular printer paper rips too easily. Cut out each tag and attach it to the corresponding item. Each item must have a tag in order to be sold. Clothing tags should be attached on the right as you look at the item (for a shirt, this would mean the left sleeve). If an item has multiple parts, be sure to securely attach all parts together using zip ties, rubber bands, or plastic bags. Attach tags using a tagging gun or safety pin for clothing (no straight pins) and clear tape for other items. Do not use duct tape as this will damage most items and cover up tag information. DO NOT tape over the barcode, even with clear tape, as the reflective surface of tape prevents the bar codes from scanning.

  6. Drop off your items at Fairfax Presbyterian Church on Friday, February 14th during your designated time slot. You will be able to sign up for a drop off time when you register as a consignor. Before your items can be received, you will need to pay the $5 or $10 registration fee (cash only). Please allow time during drop off for us to inspect each item and place it in the consignment area before you leave. If an item does not meet our sale criteria, it will be refused and returned to you.

  7. Sign up to volunteer! Sellers are not required to volunteer in order to participate as a consignor. However, we could not have this event without the help of many volunteers. Please consider volunteering your time to help before, during, or after the sale. As a reward for your help, all volunteers are invited to shop a special pre-sale on Saturday, February 15th from 8:30-9:00 am.

Fairfax Presbyterian Preschool uses My Consignment Manager, an electronic system that allows consignors to organize items, print tags, and track any sold or unsold items.

There is no additional cost to use the electronic system, outside of your registration fee.  All consignors must register with this system in order to obtain a User ID and password.  Once you register, you won’t have to register again.  Just make sure you use the log-in link on our website and follow the instructions to enter and print your tags.  It is that easy.

By using the electronic system, you can:

  • Create your item tags

  • Print Inventory Sheets for all of your items

  • Print a donation list for your tax filings

  • Calculate your potential sales in dollars

Summary of Instructions for using the Online System:

  1. First, register as a seller. Be sure to always log in through this link on the preschool’s website.
  2. Click on "Create an Account" and follow the prompts.
  3. Sort all of your items by clothing, toys, equipment, etc. For clothing, sort by gender and then size.
  4. When sorting is completed, enter your items into the system. Go to the tab “Enter Items.” By sorting prior to entering, you will save a lot of time because you will only have to re-enter the price and description for each similar item.
  5. If you need to edit anything, go to the "Manage Inventory" screen. Here you can print inventory reports, mass edit items or individual items, and also see a Projected Settlement Report based on the items you have entered into the system.
  6. Print your tags. Make sure the barcode is clear and is not excessively dark (use the “normal” setting when printing, NOT “best” quality).  
  7. Cut out the tags on the lines and attach the tags to each item. Safety pin the tags to the top left shoulder of all clothing (the right side if the clothing is facing you). When taping tags to toys, books, or equipment, please do not put tape on the barcode (this interferes with scanning).

My Consignment Manager—Electronic Inventory System



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