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Our new 2020–2021 program year’s theme is “Belonging to God.”

We will explore what it means to belong—we belong to our family, community, and church, but ultimately we belong to God, and that has real consequences on the choices we make in life.When we gather for worship, education, fellowship, or service project, that sense of belonging gets reinforced, and our relationships can deepen. So what does it mean to belong when the pandemic is keeping us physically apart? Of course, we belong to FPC as much as we ever did, because the church is not a building, but a group of people—united in a ministry and mission. Still, we have to refocus or belonging while we are socially distanced and unable to gather in groups.With this theme “Belonging to God,” we will explore how to nurture and strengthen our sense of belonging to God—and to each other—through the months ahead, so that we will be in excellent shape when we can gather together in person.

FPC’s Theme for 2021 —We Belong to God