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FISH (For Immediate Sympathetic Help)
Clothing Closet and Food Pantry

The Fairfax FISH clothing closet, which is housed at FPC, provides clothing to many adults and children. Volunteers from other churches involved in FISH will work in the clothing closet. Hours are 9:30 AM to 12:00 noon every Tuesday and Thursday and the first Saturday of each month. Please consider donating gently used and clean clothing items to the Clothing Closet during these same hours. Your donation is tax deductible, and upon request you will be provided with a receipt.

The food pantry at FPC is stocked annually via a food drive and through ad hoc weekly donations from members, and it is supported financially via the Mission Outreach Ministry budget and designated donations. This food pantry is one of five in operation for FISH; this pantry also provides walk-in support, approved by the pastors. Donations of non-perishable items are always welcomed.


Megan’s Bear Ministry

Sponsored by The Member Connections Ministry of FPC, this ministry offers a way for love and support to be given to those in need through the gift of a very special bear. Our bears, sitting on the church pews, have heard our scriptures, prayers, songs, and sermons. Anyone who knows someone in need of comfort or cheer is encouraged to take a bear to that person. As always, anyone wishing to donate a new bear to Megan's Bears is encouraged to leave a bear in the donation box located in the Narthex Extension. This ministry, named in memory of its founder Megan Lyons, has touched the lives of many here in Virginia and across the United States.


Operation First Response (OFR)

The women of FPC have been packing these hygiene kits every month since 2005 for our military overseas and those sent through Operation First Response to combat hospitals or remote bases.  Unused travel items are always needed and may be left in the OFR red basket in the Narthex Extension.

  • Chewing gum

  • Q-tips

  • Razors (disposable)

  • Shaving cream (non-aerosol)

  • Shampoo, conditioner

  • Soap

  • Tissues

  • Toothbrushes

  • Covers

  • Toothpaste

  • Floss

  • Chap stick

  • Comb (small)

  • Deodorant (non-aerosol)

  • Hand lotion

  • Hand sanitizer or wipes

  • Mouthwash

  • Fleece blankets

  • Nail clippers/file

  • Pen, paper, envelope

  • Gallon size ziplock bags

  • Playing cards


The Lamb Center

Through your support and our partnership with the Lamb Center, they are able to minister to the poor and the poor in spirit in our area.  Contact Bill Forster at wforster1@cox.net if you are interested in providing a warm breakfast or lunch.  



  • coffee, cold drink mix, bulk sugar and hot chocolate
  • hard boiled eggs, salad dressing, salad greens
  • butter, cream cheese, milk, juice, pop tarts, jelly, granola bars, instant oatmeal packets, cereal (other than cheerios)
  • fresh seasonal fruit, small canned fruit and fruit cups
  • individual cups of soup
  • sturdy paper bowls, dinner and dessert plates
  • paper towels and napkins
  • 8 or 9 oz. hot and cold drink cups
  • plastic spoons, forks, knives
  • 13 and 55 gallon trash bags with drawstrings
  • jumbo roll bath tissue
  • laundry detergent, bleach, dryer sheet
  • dish soap, hand soap, lysol spray
  • travel size deodorant, hairbrush, body wash, shampoo, alcohol-free mouthwash, lip balm, chapstick, shaving cream, double edge razors
  • poncho, small umbrella, sturdy adult backpacks
  • men's and women's: underpants, undershirts, thermal underwear, jeans, belts, sweat pants, khakis
  • men's and women's: athletic shoes and boots in good condition, hoodies, winter coats, baseball caps, autumn and winter clothing
  • Sam's Club gift cards to purchase needed supplies, smart-trip cards and weekly bus passes
  • Financial support and prayers are always appreciated.