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Confirmation class begins in the fall, and continues through the end of the school year. In addition to attending class, each confirmand is paired with a mentor to meet one-on-one for additional discussion. Confirmation candidates also lead the pilgrimage in the sunrise service on Easter. Typically, each student does a confirmation project, which they present to the Session in the spring. After the Session votes to receive each confirmand, there is a confirmation ceremony during a subsequent Sunday worship.

Confirmation at FPC is traditionally done in ninth grade, but can be done at any age. If you or your child are interested in enrolling in confirmation for the fall, please contact Director of Sunday Express Erin Sanzero.

Session Videos:

Lesson 1 Video

Lesson 2  Video

Lesson 3 Video

Lesson 4 Video

Lesson 5 Video

Lesson 6 Video

Lesson 7  Video

Lesson 8  Video

Lesson 9 Video

Lesson 10 Video

Lesson 11  Video

Lesson 12  Video

4/17- Easter Sunrise Service

5/17-Session Confirmation Project