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Breeze is a web-based tool designed for churches and their membership. It can be used on both a computer and a smart phone. Breeze contains our online church directory; allows users to track their own giving, attendance, and volunteering; and has many features that our staff and leadership can use to make certain areas of the church more efficient.

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Why is FPC using Breeze?

We all want a better informed, more engaged membership! As we seek ways to enhance our connection to the life of the church and to each other, FPC is using Breeze to efficiently and dynamically help FPC members better organize, administer, and communicate our information better, to help us be a more connected and informed congregation! With Breeze, FPC can:


Enhance outreach to visitors

With Breeze, we are able to track potential and new members by following their attendance at church events and by keeping track of their contact information, so that our staff can reach out to them.

Improve event management

We can use Breeze's calendar function for scheduling events, signing up volunteers, sending automatic reminder emails, taking attendance, and following up with attendees. We can also use Breeze forms to create event RSVPs and then track responses and payments.

Keep members connected

With Breeze, our entire member directory is online and accessible. Members can edit their own contact information to ensure that it's up-to-date, and they can also look up fellow members in order to contact them. Don't forget to update your Breeze profile picture, so that members can recognize you!

Improve our communication

Breeze can help us distribute church announcements quickly through email and text messaging—ensuring that members are kept up-to-date with news and events. We are able to communicate with the full congregation, specific groups, or individuals.

Improve financial stewardship

Breeze provides a mechanism for efficient and secure online pledging, giving, and event payment. In addition, it provides a secure way for each member to view their own private giving history.

Enhance ministry membership

We can match member talents and interests with ministry leadership, providing our groups better access and information to the areas of interest, energy, and passions of our membership.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Access to Breeze is only open to FPC members, and each access request must be approved by a church administrator. You choose what information in your profile (email, phone number, group membership, etc.) you want to be visible to other church members. Your giving history and pledge information is visible and accessible only to you and to the church business manager. Our church information is guaranteed to be kept private and protected. For more information about Breeze's security protocols, visit their website.

Is my information secure?

Breeze costs FPC just $50 per month, which is funded by the Member Connections Ministry. This is a flat fee and includes all functions and unlimited membership.

How much does this cost the church?

If you are an FPC member, contact us and request to set up your Breeze account. Don't forget to include your contact information! You will be emailed an invitation to log in from an address ending in "@breezechms.com", so be sure to check your spam mailbox if you don't see it.

How do I sign up?

When you log in to Breeze using the smart phone app, you will be asked for your "church domain" before you can enter your username and password. Our church domain is "fairfaxpresby".

What's my "church domain"?