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Fairfax Presbyterian Church, December 16 2020

Advent Devotion: Psalm 125

Psalm 125, by Polly Harris

Psalm 125 is one of a group of 15 songs of ascent in the Book of Psalms. These psalms were sung by the people as they climbed toward God's Holy Mountain, Mt. Zion. We might think of them as climbing toward God's Heavenly Light. God is steadfast and unmovable and guides us, even today as we in 2020 do our best to live in God's light.

The mountain imagery is twofold, both as the immovable guide we reach toward, and as God's surrounding gifts of love, courage and support. We need these gifts so badly in today's world filled with what can seem like overwhelming problems. We need to look for, and see, the signs of light that God puts right in front of us. God sent us Jesus to be the light of the world in times of darkness, of evil, of hate, of pain and loss.

Rocks are hard, cold, dark - no light of their own. But our God is a rock of strength, of love and support, and God has sent us Jesus to assure us of these truths. Think of the light we have in our lives through the natural world, through gifts of art, music, through the smiles and love of other people. During Advent we need to keep all God's gifts in our minds, but most especially we need to keep God's gift of Jesus in front of us as we move day by day toward the marvelous day of Jesus' birth.

Let us pray.

Our loving God, we can't comprehend the vastness of you - rocks, light, giver of your only son so that we might live. Help us see through the darkness of this world to anticipate your greatest gift of all, your Son, Jesus Christ.


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