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Summer Study 1: Daily Wisdom

Henry Brinton, June 26 2021

June 26 Psalm 25:4-5 Waiting for Wisdom When have you had to wait for insight and understanding? During my last semester of divinity school, I was in search of a church to call me as a pastor. As I looked at the descriptions of a number of congregations, I saw that they were searching for a minister with at least ten years of experience.

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COVID worship updates and staff transitions: June 18, 2021

Henry Brinton, June 18 2021

Dear FPC Members and Friends, NIH Director Francis Collins, a scientist and a Christian, recently said, “We asked God for help with COVID-19, and vaccines are the answer to that prayer.” He is absolutely right! In response to the progress we are making as a nation and as a congregation, the session voted on Tuesday to take a step forward in relaxin...

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2021–22 Stewardship Campaign: May 21, 2021

Henry G. Brinton and Yena K. Hwang, May 21 2021

Dear FPC Members and Friends, Over 2,500 years ago, Ezra the prophet led the exiled Israelites back to Israel. They rebuilt the temple, rekindled their religious fervor, and renewed their community. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus died on a cross. Three days later, the despairing disciples met a resurrected Jesus. Motivated by his resurrection, they ga...

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Many transitions: May 7, 2021

Henry Brinton, May 7 2021

Dear FPC Members and Friends, The month of May has been full of transitions at FPC, as we emerge from the pandemic together. The first was our return to worship in the Sanctuary on May 2, with a Service of Remembrance and Lamentation. We were masked and socially distanced as we reflected on the losses of the past year, and gave thanks for the faith...

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April and May events and updates: April 23, 2021

Henry G. Brinton and Yena K. Hwang, April 23 2021

Dear FPC Members and Friends, Easter is always a celebration of the resurrection and a season of new life, but this year we are feeling these gifts of God in a powerful and personal way. So many good things are happening as we emerge from the pandemic! On Easter Sunday, we began to gather for worship again! Thanks to the Worship Ministry and all of...

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Easter 2021 in person: March 19, 2021

Henry G. Brinton and Yena K. Hwang, March 19 2021

Dear FPC Members and Friends, We are so excited about the opportunity to begin to worship together in person, beginning on Easter Sunday, April 4, at 8:45 and 11:15 am. The pandemic has been a hardship for us, as individuals and as a community, but God is bringing us through it! We look forward to seeing everyone in person, as soon as possible, and...

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Spring schedule announcement: February 19, 2021

Henry G. Brinton and Yena K. Hwang, February 19 2021

It is hard to believe we have endured this pandemic separation as a congregation for nearly a full year.  We are grateful for the ways you adapted quickly to participate in worship services, various Christian Formation classes, and ministry meetings from the safety of your homes. We know that you miss being with this community and you are anxious t...

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Advent Devotion: Luke 2:1–20

Fairfax Presbyterian Church, December 24 2020

The Light in the Darkness… Here we are at a dark time – I don’t mean today – I mean about 4-6 BC in Judea (now Israel). It is occupied by the Romans, a first-ever census has been ordered requiring all to return to their ancestral homes (What about my job? No work, no income…), and Joseph is taking a 70-mile trek with his ‘nine-month pregnant Virgi...

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Advent Devotion: Isaiah 9:2–7

Fairfax Presbyterian Church, December 23 2020

The Birth Announcement We love to receive birth announcements. It is exciting to see the baby’s full name, day of birth, length, and weight. These days they even come with a picture. The birth announcement in the scripture reading arrived seven hundred and forty two years before the birth. There was no prediction of when the birth would actually t...

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Advent Devotion: Philippians 4:8

by Henry Brinton, December 22 2020

As humans, negative experiences weigh heavily on us. Oftentimes, it is easier to list things that didn’t happen that we wanted, or bad things that happened rather than the good. Even one small bad thing, can seemingly ruin an otherwise beautiful day. We are so fortunate to live for and be loved by God, yet we so easily dismiss the little wins, or...

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