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Consignment Sale for the Preschool!

You can help support Fairfax Presbyterian Preschool with our Fall Consignment Sale fundraiser through volunteering, consigning, donating or shopping. The sale will take place on October 14-15. For more information, visit http://www.fairfaxpresbyterian.org/preschool/consignmentsale/ .

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Chili Cook-off Registration Open!!

Inaugural Chili Cook-off   October 29, 1p (Fellowship Hall) Benefits for GRACE Youth Fellowship Calling for your family, neighborhood or world famous chili to our fundraiser! Entry is $10.00 per person $1.00 to vote on the chili‚Äôs Looking forward to a fun community event and fundraiser for the GRACE Youth Fellowship! Please contact Tempest Brevard, Youth Director for more information.

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FPP Consignment Sale

The preschool’s spring consignment sale is March 11-12 in Fellowship Hall, from 9:00-1:30PM. Please come shop and support the preschool! Have items you want to sell? You will make 70% of anything that sells. We also need volunteers. Get all the information at: www.fairfaxpresbyterian.org/preschool/consignmentsale/

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