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Waking Up White

A six-week book discussion of Debby Irving’s “Waking Up White” led by Erin Loesley and Leslie Woods. Please start reading the book! Even if you cannot participate at the 10 am class, it is a good book that will help us to have honest conversations and discussions about this very important topic of race issues in America. Come and be ready to have a lively and respectful discussion!

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New Class! Theology According to Star Wars, I

Bill Reidway offers a structured analysis of the narrative, character, thematic, and stylistic elements of the Star Wars films, particularly as relates to nature of friendship, compassion, bravery, service, sacrifice, and love. We will find the Biblical relevance in a story loved by billions of people all around the world.

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Race Matters, Part II

Paul Denmon and Rochon Bumgardner will continue the important conversation on racism in America.  We will take a closer look at what racism is and how it is manifested in our society, using a curriculum published by the Thoughtful Christians.  We will review and dig deeper into topics such as  “Racism 101,” “A History of Racism in America,” “The Bible and Racism,” and “White Privilege.”  (Dates: Nov. 27-January 15; with breaks on 12/25 and 1/1 in MPR)

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Basic Bible

Basic Bible is an in- depth study to dig deeper into the Scripture passage that is used in the Sunday sermon, led by Pastor Henry Brinton. No previous experience necessary, just your willingness to participate and learn! (Meets weekly in Room 137)

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Wired Word

This is a class filled with passionate, educational, and inspiring discussions of current events making news headlines every week, in the US and around the globe.  In this participant led discussion class, every voice is heard and respected, as class members reflect and engage in thought-provoking and stimulating conversations that seek to deepen our understanding of faith in God in this world and age. (Meets weekly in Room 110)

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