Sermons by Henry Brinton

From Fear to Great Joy

Speaker: | April 16, 2017

From Fear to Great Joy April 16, 2017 Matthew 28:1-10 Fear is very popular right now.  In theaters, horror movies are drawing increasing numbers of viewers.  A few years ago, I enjoyed the zombie movie...


Faith Badges: Crosses and Conversations

Speaker: | April 14, 2017

Faith Badges:  Crosses and Conversations April 14, 2017 Romans 10:10-15 What do you wear as a sign of your faith?  A cross around your neck?  A tattoo?  A Fairfax Presbyterian Church t-shirt? At the beginning...

When Failure Is Not an Option

Speaker: | March 19, 2017

When Failure Is Not an Option March 19, 2017 Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7 Scars. We all have them. Some are emotional. Some are spiritual. Some are physical. Two years ago, I fell off my bicycle and...

Massive Resistance

Speaker: | March 05, 2017

Massive Resistance March 5, 2017 Matthew 4:1-11 Resistance movements. Sometimes they are good. Sometimes they are bad. Think of the French Resistance that fought the Nazis during the Second World War. Small groups of armed...

Servant Perks

Speaker: | February 26, 2017

Servant Perks February 26, 2017 Psalm 86:1-11, 16-17 “Bend an ear, God; answer me. I’m one miserable wretch!” Those are the words of Psalm 86, from the Bible translation called The Message. This translation is...

God’s Life-App

Speaker: | February 19, 2017

God’s Life-App February 19, 2017 Psalm 119:33-40 We are living in stressful times. I bet you’re feeling it. I know I am. Between the years 1983 and 2009, stress increased 18 percent for women and...

Peer Pressure from the Pharisees

Speaker: | February 05, 2017

Peer Pressure from the Pharisees February 5, 2017 Matthew 5:13-20 When it comes to righteousness, the Pharisees are tough to beat. Jesus knows that these Jewish leaders are passionate about the law of God. They...

Jesus’ Stretch Goals

Speaker: | January 29, 2017

Jesus’ Stretch Goals January 29, 2017 Matthew 5:21-37 Atul Gawande is amazing. In addition to being a surgeon in Boston, he is a professor at Harvard Medical School and a staff writer for The New...

Eternal Life: A Beginner’s Guide

Speaker: | January 22, 2017

Eternal Life: A Beginner’s Guide Romans 6:12-23. I recently took a look at a collection of books with the title “Beginner’s Guides.”  What I discovered is that they usually deal with very complicated topics.  You...

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