JOY (Just Older Youth)

JOY is a small group of FPC members and friends who enjoy lunch, socializing and learning from our programs. Members are self-designated and often are more senior, although age is not a limitation. All are invited!

JOY programs and workshops follow the second worship service on advertised dates. Lunches are provided with donations welcome. Reservations are helpful for food preparation and setup, but not required. So, whether you are a JOY member, just coming of age, or somewhere in between, JOY invites you to attend. We welcome you to join us.

Outreach to Homebound Members and More

When JOY started up in 2007, it outlined as one of its major purposes an outreach ministry to seniors in our congregation. This would entail offering services to seniors, such as visiting them in their homes, assisting them with tasks, or taking them to appointments. The goal was to expand our church fellowship and to assure that all members were being served. We invited other members of our congregation to participate and circulated a questionnaire in the summer of 2007 to that effect. Now, in collaboration with the Board of Deacons, we have launched this ministry. Essentially, JOY will receive a list of homebound members each month from the Deacons. After receiving the January list, we called everyone on the list. Although the big snowfall early in February temporarily derailed our plans, we will soon visit several members who expressed an interest. We hope to get to know each other better and to minister now to our members who, over the years, contributed so much in time, talent, and resources to FPC. We are pleased to repeat our invitation to the congregation to join us in this ministry. If you or anyone you know would like a visit or has a special need with which we could assist, please let us know. Bob Thompson ( or 703-978-5823 Home) is the point of contact for JOY. JOY often communicates via email. If that is your preference, let us have your email address so we can include you! If postal mail is your preference, tell us and we’ll do these newsletters periodically.

Senior Support

Anyone need to receive a friendly phone call once in a while, just to say hello? Anyone want to make a call to a senior who needs to hear from a friend? JOY can be the market maker that brings callers and callees together! We also send greeting cards each month to those members who are housebound.  Let us know! All who want to participate in this Ministry are welcome.

Need to Borrow Medical Equipment

Remember that JOY has medical equipment available for loan to FPC members. Please contact Chuck Partridge for details.

2016 JOY Leadership Team

Bob Thompson,, 703-978-5823, O & E

Marilyn Cromartie,, 703-743-5793, Programs

Margie Ralston,, 703-978-9636, Programs

Bettye Smith,, 703-830-7861, Publicity

Carol Drago,, 703-934-0926, Sec’y-Treasurer

Dixie Hopple, , 703-591-3961

Lynne Thompson,, 703-978-5823, Food

Doris Olofson,, 703-978-2456, Food