Race Matters: Beyond Conversations

Race Matters: Beyond Conversations

CFM offered various adult education classes dealing with race in the past few years, including the most recent book study of “Waking Up White.” On Sunday, January 21 @12:30-2:30 pm, CFM is offering a workshop that focuses on staying awoke in the conversation about race and moving towards becoming allies. No prerequisite other than the participant’s willingness to engage respectfully with open mind. RSVP to yena@fairfaxpresby.com by Jan. 14.

On Sunday, January 21, 2018 following the 11:15 am service of worship, CFM is offering a workshop that focuses on staying woke in the conversations about race and moving beyond conversations to becoming allies.

Our purpose for providing this program:

    • To continue the conversations on race that sparked many members’ desire to move forward from simply “recognizing” the construct of racism to creating ally-ship to provide better support for our neighbors who have to live in this reality.

Our goals for this program:

    • Provide a structured time for everyone to think and speak about how we can contribute towards positive change
    • Provide a safe space to listen and learn from each other – to take positive actions towards being part of the solution, rather than being part of the problem.

Race conversation in America is uncomfortable, complicated, nuanced, and difficult.  Different folks are at different levels of understanding the race issue in our nation.  If you did not get a chance to participate in previous classes dealing with issues of race or the book study class, no need to fret!  There are no prerequisite to attend this program, other than your willingness to engage respectfully with open mind!


If you want to get a head start, I suggest you watch  “United Shades of America” W. Kamau Bell (CNN) which can be found on YouTube or Hulu, or other internet television streaming services.  This is a CNN program which approaches studying race matters in a different way.  We will be watching the first season, episode one, at our workshop.  You are welcome to preview the show on your own and bring questions and observations to our workshop.

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