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VOICE  is Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement

Organizing for a New Dominion of Justice and Political Participation


Vision:  We must act NOW to change the trajectory in Northern Virginia — to reclaim the promise of living here for ourselves and for the next generation. We must reclaim politics as an honorable pursuit in which people working together have the power to change their communities and their country for the better. We must lead by showing that, if we build trust through relationships that cross the usual lines of division, we will strengthen our region for the challenges ahead.

We are called to be POWERFUL agents of CHANGE, to be BOLD, to be PERSISTENT, to demonstrate HOPE for a better Northern Virginia.  VOICE is expanding and broadening its membership in each jurisdiction so that we have the power to tackle county- and region-wide issues as well as to be a non-partisan force for VOICE’s organizing agenda in statewide elections for Governor and Attorney General in 2017, and statewide and local elections in 2018 and 2019.

FPC supports VOICE financially with annual dues paid monthly, and FPC members are involved in the programs and activities of VOICE.


FPC Program Lead: Leslie Woods


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