Future of the Octagon

One of the biggest challenges of a church the size of FPC is communication. We are too big to
communicate by word of mouth, but too small to have the budget for regularly-scheduled mass mailings
or professional email and text services.

For years, we mailed a printed Octagon newsletter to every household in the congregation. During the
Great Recession, we switched to an online Octagon, and limited the mailing of printed copies to those
who were not online or who requested a printed version. We also continued to mail copies to our
homebound members. This move has saved us money and has also been more environmentally sensitive.

In the last year, we have improved our website and begun to send out weekly emails with the news of
FPC activities. These emails have proved to be very popular, and we will continue to use them. Of
course, we need everyone to subscribe to our mailing list, which can be done at http://

We have also created an announcements page which is available in the narthex every Sunday morning
and throughout the week. This creates more space for communication than we had in our old Sunday
worship bulletins.

So, what works for you? Should we continue to publish a monthly Octagon or focus efforts on our
weekly email news of FPC activities? Do you like the new announcements page or would you prefer
having your announcements attached to the bulletin? I am curious about the forms of communication
that you are finding to be effective. Please send me feedback at hgbrinton@gmail.com, and I’ll continue
to work with our elders and other church leaders to refine our communication about the mission and
ministry of FPC.


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